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Like most small businesses, there is always a story!

We are Michelle and Darrell and this our journey to creating Origin Natural Living!

It all started with a health, wellness and holistic journey which we started together back in 2014 on the mighty Gold Coast, Queensland.

As we both share a passion for fitness and training, the idea to start a small outdoor group training business began and grew very quickly.  The positive growth of the business, encouraged us to take a leap of faith and open up a strength and conditioning studio.

In 2016, it was time to take another step forward on the journey, so the studio was closed down and in early 2017 we made the move to "Tropical Paradise" in Palm Cove, Far North Queensland (FNQ).

Soon after arriving in FNQ, I experienced one of the roughest, hardest years in my life..... physically, mentally and emotionally.

In December 2016, it quickly became apparent that hip surgery was required – 3 pins in the left hip, followed by crutches for 14 weeks.  During recovery and rehabilitation, I faced a mountain of challenges.  Having to learn to accept help from others was the first big challenge, followed by re-learning to kick my legs in a pool, and then learn how to run again.

As I was getting back on my feet again, I woke up one day, jumped out of bed and literally couldn’t walk!  My right leg felt dead, and the pain I tried to explain to Darrell was indescribable.

Within a week I was back on the Gold Coast and under the knife again for more pins, this time in my right hip, followed by another 12 weeks on crutches and a long and painful rehabilitation.  Following two urgent hip operations at 37 years of age, I was told I have a genetic and rare hip issue!

While in rehabilitation, I lost my way!  Not knowing if I would ever be able to do the things I loved ever again, like being fit and active, healthy and competing as an athlete.

Following the second hip surgery, I experienced some internal complications.  As a result of this latest set back, both Darrell and I decided to go gluten, wheat and dairy free, plus 100% natural and limited meat.  But a tasty home prepared roast lamb still makes an occasional appearance on the household menu!!

Once these lifestyle changes started to take effect, we both felt the incredible benefits to our health and wellbeing and, for myself particularly I noticed a huge improvement in my mental and emotional well being.

Following this kind of success, we just knew we had to get out there and share our health and wellbeing improvements by educating and supporting others in their local community.


One thing we both noticed upon arriving here in the northern beaches of Cairns, was that there was nowhere local to purchase organic nuts, seeds, flours or to buy natural living health products without costing the earth.

We wanted to create a place to comfortably browse, shop, ask questions and to receive good product knowledge to support our clients individual health and wellbeing needs.

To create a relaxing space to sit down and enjoy a freshly poured kombucha from the 'On Tap' Kombucha Range or have a delicious coffee made with locally roasted organic coffee beans by Ransom.

To provide a relaxing shopping experience and to walk out with a smile on your face and feel like you have support to Smile - Shine - Excel!



One afternoon, we were browsing at Clifton Beach Shopping Centre and noticed an empty shop for rent.  We made the call to the Agent and BOOM, the ball started rolling from there!

We poured our passion and knowledge into resourcing quality, sustainable products that we wanted for ourselves to maintain our healthy lifestyle and you will find most of our products in our home, products that will make you Smile from the inside out!

Our products are:

  • Natural
  • Locally resourced wherever possible
  • Organic and Real
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colours or sugars

The Natural Origin Living store has been created with simplicity in mind together with a bit of Kiwi culture!

The Origin Natural Living crew look forward to greeting you with a smile and, we look forward to meeting you in our store to share our support for you to Smile, Shine and Excel from the inside out.

The Origin Natural Living promise to you is to provide quality, clean products produced with loving care minus any CRAP!

If you see we are not keeping our promise to you, please contact us with a photo of why you feel the purchased product is not within our promise, then we will do the rest!  

We will thank you with a small gift for keeping us on our toes. 

About Michelle at Origin Natural Living

I am a regular competitor in iron woman competitions, personal trainer and lifestyle coach who is powered by plants and natural living!

Overcoming past challenges, I committed to a strict training schedule and successfully completed the Iron Woman New Zealand event and still training for future Iron Woman events.

We are loving our life in Tropical Paradise and enjoy supporting our local community to Smile, Shine and Excel!



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